Mystery Box

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Aeon Psych Mystery Box! Contains the following:

Aeon Psych Brand:

  • 1x - shirt or hoodie
  • 1x - headwear, cup/mug, or other accessory type item
  • 1x - Miscellaneous item (chance)

Other Products:

1-4x - Any combination of the following (could be multiples or all quantity of one, and each item from each category would be specific to Aeon's personal tastes):

    • PC/mobile game/software digital download code
    • Not immediately perishable snack
    • Small accessory/trinket item
    • Stationary/office supply item
    • Tech accessory item
    • Home décor item
    • Clothing/fashion item
    • Regional-based items (local to Aeon's current place of living)

Small chance to additionally contain any combination of 1 or more of the following:

  • Aeon Psych shirt or hoodie
  • Aeon Psych poster
  • Aeon Psych accessory
  • Additional selection from "Other Products" category
  • Random "mystery" product. (anything non lethal and not dangerous, not illegal, etc)
  • SUPER RARE chance for a limited edition print/product from Aeon Psych merch (a product and/or design that is not and will not likely be offered for general sale in the future)



  • The mystery box is currently individually hand-curated on an as ordered basis. Please allow extended time to curate the item(s). We will do our best to have your order out within a reasonable amount of time. Please keep tabs on your emails from direct communication about the status of your order!
  • Some Aeon Psych branded merch items may print with designs that are not in current rotation in the store, or that are not in stock, or available. 
    • Pertaining to the rare chance of limited edition prints, this could include designs that were for sale originally and discontinued, designs with imperfections, design/product combinations that are not planned for general sale now or in the future, or a design that is specifically made for the purpose of mystery box only.