Aeon Psych Merch (Merch by Aeon). Merch designed by Aeon Psych and/or community partners.


Merch by Aeon is focused at getting competitively priced merch into the hands of community supporters. Why? Because merch is awesome, and with members in the community sporting Aeon's Merch and their own community designed merch is the best way to grow hype and support everyone involved! If you have a design idea that you want supported and available through merch by Aeon, or if you'd like to become a merch partner, just contact Aeon, a current merch partner, or one of their community moderators, and they will get the ball moving!


Customizer. Our store product customizer is there to add the extra depth of product/design options in the store without overbearing the display of browsable products. There is a set price per product customized, which may typically be higher than the standard products throughout the store. If you'd like a product customized at a more standard price point, please contact us for details and for a custom order! 


We love our customers. We think customer service starts by being super selective of what we sell. We only sell products that are at a certain quality level or higher. If you receive product that does not meet our quality standards, let us know, and we will remedy the issue as soon as possible! 

Reach out to us by email - support@aeonpsych.com

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